Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cinquain Poems

We have been looking at different ways of writing poems.  This poem was written using a cinquain plan found on Kathryn Apel's website.  First we had to think of an animal to write about.  Then we had to think of some other words for this animal.  Next we had to think of some adjectives to describe the animal, and some verbs ending with 'ing' connected with the animal.  Finally we had to write a short phrase (a group of words) to do with the animal.  This formed our plan - here is Kevin's plan.

We then had to make a rough draft using the best words from our plan. It had to include two of the adjectives, three of the verbs, the phrase and finally one the other words for our animal.

The end poem was then typed out. Here is the final version of Kevin's first attempt at a cinquain poem. We will add some more soon.


Aiesha C1 said...

That was a good example kevin that was a good cinquain poem.

Leilani said...

I like how you said that the monkey was hanging upside down Kevin.